Community Garden

The Township of Adjala-Tosorontio supports Community and Pollinator Gardens on Township owned lands in partnership with Community Groups in order to promote community healthy living and citizen engagement. 

Community gardens transform passively-used green space into productive gardens, provide mental and physical health promotion through the activity of food production and gardening skills.

Pollinator gardens support and protect birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other beneficial insects and small mammals pollinate plants that provide food, prevent soil erosion and increase carbon sequestration. 

Staff are pleased to advise that the Community and Pollinator Garden Program will return for the 2024 season. The program, which is a collaborative effort between residents and the Township, provides community building opportunities where neighbours work together to promote and produce local, healthy fresh food.


Community and Pollinator Gardens will only be installed in locations where a Community Garden Group has been formed. A Community Garden Group must have a minimum of one (1) Coordinator. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their application outlining the location in which they would like to see a garden installed, however should not enough community engagement be available to support the location the Township will not move forward with the installation. 

Coordinator & Volunteer Information

Our Community and Pollinator Gardens wouldn't be possible without the help of our Coordinators and Volunteers of the Community Garden Groups. Join us as a Group Coordinator or Volunteer! Review the information below and submit your application today!

Responsibilities of a Community Garden Group:

Community Garden Groups must submit a written proposal to the Township Council, outlining the proposed site, sustainable gardening practices to be used and how the group will promote the benefit of fresh food in the community. Some activities the Group may carry out include:

  • Promotion of the production of local, health and fresh food to enhance local food security;
  • Provide gardening and other environmental education programming;
  • Host harvest festivals and other family-oriented activities; and
  • Donate surplus food to local food banks.

The Community Garden Group must submit an annual report to the Clerk for inclusion on a Regular Council Agenda following the season. The report should detail the activities, amenities, photos (if available), and results of the garden. 

Role of a Coordinator

A Community Garden Group must have a Coordinator who is selected or elected by the Group. Some of the duties of the Coordinator include:

  • To co-ordinate all of the members within their group;
  • Act as a liaison between the Township and other coordinators/volunteers;
  • Available to act as the contact person for any Township or public inquiries or emergencies; 
  • Provide training to volunteers, and ensure procedures are followed; and
  • All duties of a Volunteer. 

Role of a Volunteer

  • To operate and maintain the Groups' garden with tasks including planting, watering, weeding, cultivating and harvesting produce, flowers and plants;
  • Promotion of the production of local, health and fresh food;
  • To educate members of the community of gardening and the environment;
  • Host harvest festivals and other family-oriented activities to encourage community engagement; and
  • Liaison with local food banks and other charitable groups to donate surplus crops. 

All Coordinators and Volunteers must agree to, sign, and abide by the terms of the according agreement with the Township. Any individuals found to not be in compliance with the agreement will be removed from their position.

To be considered for the opportunity, please follow the steps below. Applications will be accepted until Friday, April 5, 2024 at 4:30 p.m.

  1. Review the Township’s Community and Pollinator Garden Policy.
  2. Fill out your application:
  3. Submit your completed application to