The Building Department administers and enforces regulations from the Building Code Act, Building By-Law​, and Swimming Pool Fence By-Law. Building permits and inspections ensure that building projects comply with the property's zoning, along with health, safety, fire protection, accessibility, and conservation standards.

Further information on these changes could be obtained from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing website, or by contacting the Chief Building Official.

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The following is a list of the types of permit applications:​

  • Construction permits
  • Demolition permits
  • Interior & Exterior alterations
  • Sewage System permits
  • Pool enclosure permits
  • Deck that serves a dwelling regardless of height above adjacent surfaces or size
  • Repairs to an existing sewage system or the installation of a new sewage system
  • Free Standing signs
  • Any installation or alteration of a plumbing system (water supply, drain, waste or vent). Including alterations to install a water softener
  • Change of Use
  • Building a Fireplace
  • Fences
  • Lot Grading

Permit Fees

Refer to the current fees for building permit application review. Payment of a permit fee is due prior to the release of a building permit.

For information on Development Charges, please refer to our Development Charges page.


  • A complete Building Permit Application shall consist of completed Application form, all applicable law approvals including Zoning/Site Plan approval​
  • No person can construct or demolish a building without first obtaining a permit from the Chief Building Official
  • Permit Application and Authorization Form​ are available at the Building Department window, 7855 Side Road 30, Alliston, ON, or by linking on the permit application page
  • Structures less than 10 m² (107  ft² ) and sheds less than 15 m² (161 ft²) do not require a permit, however, they are still required to conform with Zoning By-laws for setbacks and lot coverage
  • Fees are assessed according to the type of building and its size.  See Building fees section
  • Projects that increase the assessed value of the property will increase taxes
  • Constructing a building without a permit may be subject to penalties including fines and removal
  • Prior to beginning your Building project you may need additional approvals from:
  • Learn how your Septic System works.

By-law enforcement

Building Services is responsible for the enforcement of the following municipal by-laws:

  • Zoning By-laws
  • Property Standards By-law
  • Land Maintenance By-law
  • Lot Grading, Filling and Dumping By-law
  • Fence By-law
  • Sign By-law
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal By-law

Complaints regarding violations related to these by-laws can be filed at the Town of Adjala-Tosorontio Municipal Office, online using Cloudpermit, by phone at 705-434-5055, ext. 240 or by email.