The Township of Adjala-Tosorontio regulates municipal water and wastewater systems and rates through our Water By-law and Wastewater By-law. We issue water and wastewater bills on a quarterly basis.  The water bills are determined by the cubic meters of consumption of water, as registered by your water meter. The residential units that are also connected to the municipal sewer system are charged a flat rate per month.


Water bills are based on actual readings. If you receive an estimated bill accompanied by a Blue Card, you are asked to contact Public Works to make arrangements to have the water meter inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

*Failure to adhere to this notice will result in an inaccurate estimation of usage which may lead to a significant increase in your bills.*


If you receive a high water bill due to a leak, you are responsible to pay for the water that has been consumed. If a leak occurs in the dwelling, it is the owner(s) responsibility to maintain the private plumbing system to ensure it is in good working order. 

Payment Options 

Pay your water/sewer with the following payment options:

  • In person by cash, cheque or debit at the Township Office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. (After hours drop box available with cheque option only)
  • By mail; cheques are accepted, include the remittance stub. Cheques can be post-dated to the due date(s)
  • Internet banking, requires full 10-digit account number, (no spaces, dashes or decimals)
  • Through a preauthorized payment plan PAP application form in PDF. Your water bill will be sent to you for your records with a note: "DO NOT PAY - You are on our PAP Plan"
  • PAP change / cancellation form
  • Online Payments through our third-party payment platform called Paymentus
  • Telephone payment though our third-party payment platform called Paymentus (credit card only)

A penalty charge of 5% is added on the first day following the due date.

Water Arrears Transferred to Tax Roll

Once your account has reached 4th quarter arrears (meaning it has not been paid in one year, or four consecutive billing periods) a letter will be sent to you along with your bill identifying a specified date for your account to be brought to current standing.

If there is no response or payment made by the specified date, the full balance of arrears will be transferred to your tax roll where it is subject to 1.25% each month. Payments will need to be made towards your tax roll to eliminate these arrears from your account.


If you are moving, please advise the Township in advance of the closing date in order to ensure that our Public Works staff can complete a meter reading on the specified closing date. Your final water bill will encompass the end of the last regular billing cycle to the date of closing. 


The final water bill is typically sent to the vendor’s solicitor for payment upon closing, however this arrangement is between you and your solicitor and can alternately be requested for the final water bill to be sent to the vendor’s forwarding address.

Water Certificate 

If your property is selling, vendor/purchaser solicitors typically request a tax certificate. If your property is on municipal water and/or sewer, a water certificate is provided alongside the tax certificate.

The water certificate outlines:

  • Water and sewer connection (if applicable)
  • Balance due and payable or amount transferred to the tax roll (if account is in arrears)
  • The last two billing cycle amounts
  • Date of scheduled final meter reading (closing date)


Ontario Clean Water Association

The Township has made arrangements with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) to operate all of our municipal water systems on our behalf, including regular water testing and monitoring services. Resident concerns will be dealt with by OCWA.  During regular business hours you can contact them at 1-866-775-7712.  After Hours EMERGENCY only number 1-888-363-9311.  For billing and meter servicing you can still contact the Municipal Office.

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