All outdoor burning requires a burn permit.

Be sure that you learn the rules and requirements for all open air burning within the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio before you light a fire. 

Please see the Open Air Burning By-Law 12-12 for full details.

Only registered property owners are able to obtain a burn permit. If the property is rented out to another person, they will require authorization first in writing by the registered property owner.

Register for a burn permit

Register for a burn permit online or in person at the Municipal Offices during business operating hours.

Check the fire danger ratings

During dry conditions, we could prohibit any outdoor burning and issue a burn ban at any given time. All notifications on burn bans are advertised through local news media and a notice will be placed under this page.

Fire Danger Rating has been set at "Moderate" as of June 14, 2024. 

Image of current condition. If the condition reaches to extreme level, the Township will announce a total burn ban in effect until conditions become favorable for outdoor burning. 

You are responsible for any fire you light! Failure to comply with our Open Burning By-law can result in charges and an invoice for firefighting costs.