If you have a by-law related complaint or would like to speak with a By-law Officer please call 705-434-5055 ext. 240 (during business hours) or email the By-law Department

For after hours complaints regarding Canine Control please contact Ewe Herd Me: 705-220-6890.

Below you will find a list of by-laws commonly requested by the public. If you would like a by-law not found in the listing below, or need a certified copy of a by-law, please contact the Clerk's Department.

The by-laws listed on our website are not the official version of the by-law. The by-laws are provided for information only and should not be relied upon as an official copy.

 Commonly Requested By-laws

By-law Name By-law Number
ATV By-law (Consolidated) 17-14
Building By-law 23-43
Burn By-law 12-12
Outdoor Wood Burning Appliances By-law 21-54
Canine Control By-law (Consolidated)  11-25
Clean and Clear By-law 04-52
Committee of Adjustment Procedure By-law 23-100
Council and Committee Appointment By-law (Consolidated) 23-24
Council Remuneration By-law 24-19
Delegation of Planning Authority By-law 22-66
Development Charge By-law 21-84
Employment Lands Zoning By-law 13-14
Fees & Charges By-law (Consolidated) 24-12
Fencing By-law 05-40
Site Alteration and Fill By-law (Consolidated) 20-47
Fireworks By-law  05-41
Kennel By-law 05-08
License and Regulate Refreshment Vehicles and Catering Trucks By-law 96-50
Marriage License Fees & Charges By-law 21-44
Municipal Water Rates By-law 24-25
Municipal Wastewater Rates By-law 24-26
Municipal Rates & Tax Ratios By-law 24-33
Nuisance By-law 15-28
Parking By-law  04-21
Planning Fees By-law 22-67
Procedural By-law 23-85
Property Standards By-law (Consolidated) 22-79
Power of Entry By-law 21-45
Rate of Speed By-law (Consolidated)  12-22
Restrict Use of Motorized Vehicles By-law 15-30
Roads By-law (Consolidated) 12-31
Sign By-law (Consolidated) 10-18
Site Plan Control Areas By-law 23-30
Swimming Pool Fencing By-law (Consolidated) 05-27
Oak Ridges Zoning By-law  03-56
Zoning By-law 03-57