We now accept online payments through our third-party payment service provider Paymentus. See payment options below.

Tax Bills

Tax bills are issued twice each year. Each bill has two installments to be paid on or before the due date shown on the current Tax Bulletin. You must pay your taxes by the due date. A late payment charge applies to all past due taxes at a rate of 1.25% each month. Failure to receive a tax notice does not waive any liability for payment of taxes or penalty and interest charges.

Interim Tax Bills

Interim tax bills are issued 21 calendar days prior to the due date and are due the last business day in March and May. Interim taxes are calculated based on 50% of the previous year's total taxes.

Final Tax Bills for Residential, Farm and Managed Forest

Residential, farm and managed forest properties are issued are issued 21 calendar days prior to the due date and are due the last business day of July and September. Final taxes are calculated using the assessed property value and approved tax rates, less the Interim tax billing.

Final Tax Bills for Commercial, Industrial and Pipeline

Commercial, industrial and pipeline properties are issued 21 calendar days prior to the due date and are due the last business day of August and October.

 Payment Options

 Pay your taxes with the following payment options:

  • (Office Closed due to COVID-19 lockdown). Cheques can be deposted in drop box at front entrance of Municipal Office
  • By mail, cheques are accepted, include the remittance stub. Cheques can be post-dated to the due date(s)
  • By Internet Banking, requires 19-digit roll number (no spaces or dashes)
  • Through your Mortgage Company. If your Mortgage Company is responsible for paying your property taxes, your Tax Bill will indicate so. If your Mortgage Company is not identified on the bill, contact your Mortgage Company
  • Through a preauthorized payment plan PAP application form in PDF (Download PDF version - mail in or drop off method)
  • Through a preauthorized payment plan PAP application online
  • PAP change /cancellation form in PDF, (Download PDF version,PAP plans will not withdraw supplemental or omitted tax bills)
  • PAP change / cancellation online
  • Online payments through our third-party payment platform called Paymentus (credit card only)
  • Telephone payment though our third-party payment platform called Paymentus (debit & credit card only)
Tax Bulletin

2021 Tax Bulletin

Supplementary Tax Bills

Supplementary tax bills are issued when there has been a change in the assessed value of your property outside of the regular assessment cycle and additional taxes are owing. The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) provides the Township with the supplementary or omitted assessment values for the current year and up to two years prior when:

  • Land value is omitted from the assessment roll
  • Use of the property changes
  • Property is improved due to construction, addition, or renovation

You will receive a Property Assessment Change Notice from MPAC informing you of the supplemental or omitted assessed value and date. Supplementary and omitted property tax bills are typically due in two instalments regardless of the number of years for which you are billed.

Contact MPAC at 1-866-296-6722 or MPAC online for more details on how your property is assessed.

Estimate your Supplementary or Omitted Tax Bill

MPAC determines your assessed value. If you have not received your notice of supplementary assessment value from MPAC, you can use your purchase price as a guide to help you set aside funds in anticipation of receiving a supplementary or omitted tax bill. As an estimate, multiply the purchase price (or supplementary assessment value) by the applicable year’s tax rate.

Current Value Assessment 

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for assessing all property in the Township. Its main responsibility is to calculate assessed values and to classify properties according to their use. These values are provided to the Township on the annual assessment rolls. The Township, County and the Province use these values when calculating property taxes and education taxes.

To learn more about how MPAC assess your property by watching the youtube video, How MPAC Assesses Property video. 

Calculation of Taxes 

Current Value Assessment x Total Tax Rate (as per Property Class) = Total Property Taxes

Total Billed = Total property Taxes + Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)

$375.00 per year per occupied unit, Commercial and Industrial properties

$187.50 per year per vacant unit 

Understanding your Tax Bill 


2021 Tax Rates
Residential 0.002796 0.002736 0.001530 0.007062
Commercial 0.003418 0.003344 0.008800 0.015562
Commercial Vacant / Excess 0.003418 0.003344 0.008800 0.015562
Industrial 0.003334 0.003262 0.008800 0.015396
Industrial Vacant / Excess 0.003334 0.003262 0.008800 0.015396
Industrial On Farm Business 0.000834 0.000816 0.002200 0.003850 
Pipelines  0.003625  0.003547 0.008800 0.015972 
Farmlands  0.000699  0.000684  0.000383  0.001766 
Managed Forest 0.000699  0.000684 0.000383 0.001766 
Landfill  0.002796  0.002736  0.009800  0.015332 

Tax Account Information

How do I change my address?
 To have property tax bills sent to a different address, submit a completed online Change of Address Form.
I am selling my property and only want to pay the taxes I owe, how can I do this?
Your lawyer will calculate your per diem tax amount (the exact amount you owe up until the day the sale closes) and be in contact with you. The Township is not involved in calculating your per diem tax amount.
Why did I receive a tax bill when I am on the PAP plan with the Town or my Mortgage holder?

You will still receive a tax bill if you are enrolled in the preauthorized payment plan. Your enrolment status will be indicated on your tax bill under your mailing address on your remittance stub(s) that will say "DO NOT PAY, you are on our PAP plan".

Oops! I missed my preauthorized payment. What do I do now?

You will receive a letter advising that a payment has been returned by your bank. A fee of $25.00 is applied to your account. Payments are only attempted through PAP once – otherwise payments will need to made through any of the other available payment options. If the payment remains outstanding, the PAP will be cancelled due to non-payment. If any two payments are returned by your bank, the PAP plan will be cancelled. To reactivate your PAP plan, your account will need to be brought up to date.

Help! I made a duplicate payment on my property tax account

If you have made a duplicate payment on your taxes, you can get a refund returned to you or leave as a credit balance to be applied towards upcoming tax installments.

Please submit your request for refund in writing to finance@adjtos.ca. We will prepare a refund and send a cheque to the property owner(s) and mailing address on file.

I paid on time, why did I get charged penalty interest?
It is the Township’s policy to impose a penalty charge if payment is not received by the specified due date. If you paid your bill via internet banking, or at your banking institution on the day in which the amount was due, there is no guarantee that we will receive the payment that day as there is usually a 2-3 business day processing period, which means we will likely receive it late.

If you make your payment(s) online or at your bank, please ensure that payment is applied to your property tax account and not mistakenly against your utility account as these are separate accounts within the Township. 

My children attend school at a Public School, how do I change  my schoolboard taxes to go to that Board?

Please complete the Application for Direction of School Support. This application can be returned to the Township to submit to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) on your behalf or submit directly to MPAC.

Please note that changes will not appear on your tax bill immediately.  


Tax Certificates

Tax certificates are available upon request and payment of the applicable fee of $50.00 per roll. Once completed the Tax Certificate, Water Certificate (if applicable) and Receipt of Payment is sent via fax and mail. Response time is within 10 business days from receipt of request and payment.

Resolving Assessment Concerns

Accurate assessed values are the cornerstone of the property tax system. The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) assesses all properties in Ontario.

You must ask yourself if you can sell your property for its assessed value. If your answer is ‘yes’ your assessed value is accurate.

If your answer is ‘no’ you can:

  1. Ask MPAC to review your properties assessed value
  2. File a Request for Reconsideration with the Assessment Review Board (ARB).
Tax Appeal Application 

If you are looking to appeal your property taxes due a to a physical change resulting from fire, flood, demolished structure, reno preventing normal use, other change of use, (example closing a business), or clerical/factual error, please complete an Application for Adjustment of Taxes under Section 357/357 of the Municipal Act.

Applications are subject to Council approval. The application must be filed on or before February 28 of the year following the property tax year for which the application is made.