Construction Notices

Approval for works on Saturday June 18th at the development site in Colgan are for continued works on the SWMP at the Colgan 2 site as priority one and works to alleviate ponding on site.

For questions, please contact Chief Building Official, Chris Robinson at 705-434-5055 ext. 251 or by E-mail.


The Township of Adjala-Tosorontio has received a complete application for an Official Plan amendment, Plan of Subdivision and a Zoning By-law amendment for a development in Colgan. The Tribute Communities - Colgan 1 & 2 development is located within the hamlet of Colgan on the south and north side of County Road 14, approximately 300 meters west of Concession Road 8.

The development(s) have cleared the public planning process and must now have their “Conditions of Draft Plan Approval” cleared by the County of Simcoe, prior to the plan of subdivision being registered. Colgan/Tribute Developments are now working to satisfy all Draft Plan Conditions and requirements of Draft Plan Approval, including those related to the subdivisions design of municipal servicing including roads, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, storm water management facilities, wastewater sewage treatment facility water distribution and water storage facility.

Several detailed engineering submissions have been reviewed by the Township engineers and subject experts and the plans are nearing Township approval and to be included as part of the Subdivision Agreement (currently in draft form) and subject to Township Council’s endorsement, tentatively later this year.

All municipal sanitary sewers, storm sewers, storm water management facilities, wastewater sewage treatment facility, water distribution and water storage facilities to be constructed in Ontario require advance approval by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MoECP) in the form of an approved Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) under the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWCA), the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) prior to any construction of municipal servicing being commenced. The MoECP required each application to be reviewed and endorsed by the host municipality, hence providing the municipality the opportunity to review the proposed application(s), to ensure that the designs comply with the Township and Provincial requirements and standards in advance of the ECA being issued for the proposed facilities.

Township/Developer Agreements
Studies, Plans and Reports
Environment Compliance Applications (ECA)
Environmental Assessments
  • Master Services Plan Amendment - January 2016
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant - October 2018
    • Appendix A - Natural Heritage Investigations
    • Appendix B - Assimilative Capacity Feasibility Study and Addendum
    • Appendix C - Air Impact Assessment Study
    • Appendix D - Record of Consultation
      • Appendix D1 - Stakeholder Consultation List
      • Appendix D2 - Public Information Centre #1 (June 20, 2017) - available upon request
      • Appendix D3 - Comments and Responses Document - available upon request
      • Appendix D4 - Information Forum (September 27, 2017) - available upon request
      • Appendix D5 - Public Information Centre #2 (April 11, 2018) - available upon request
      • Appendix D6 - Indigenous Communities Correspondence - available upon request
      • Appendix D7 - Public Correspondence - available upon request
      • Appendix D8 - Governmental and Agency Correspondence - available upon request
    • Appendix E - Archaeologic Assessment
    • Notice of Completion
Next Steps

The Subdivision Agreement is currently in the draft stage.

Works continue towards finalizing the engineering design of the municipal servicing along with all necessary regulatory approvals required. Following all necessary engineering and associated approvals being completed,  the draft Subdivision Agreement can then be finalized for Council’s consideration and endorsement, subject to the developer providing the necessary financial securities, insurance etc. as set out in the agreement.  Upon execution of the Subdivision Agreement by the Developer and the Township, the Subdivision Agreement is then registered at the Provincial Land Titles Office.

Upon execution and registration of the Subdivision Agreement and all necessary approvals being received, the Developer may begin installation of the municipal services, under the oversite of the Township and Township engineers to ensure compliance with the terms of the Subdivision Agreement and to ensure quality control.

Prior to registration of the Plan of Subdivision (creation of the lots and blocks within the plan of subdivision), the developer must clear the “Conditions of Draft Plan Approval” to the satisfaction of the County of Simcoe.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What input or influence does the Township have over the development considering the outcome of the associated LPAT/OLT decision?

A: The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT)/Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) decision did indeed provide the County with some specific oversight powers with respect to these developments (i.e. Simcoe County will be confirming the completion of Draft Plan Conditions prior to registration) but much of the details of the development remain within the authority of the Township (as most of the public infrastructure services to be provided to allow the development to proceed will become the future responsibility of the Township to maintain – given the associated taxation and user rates which will emanate from the use of these services by the newly occupied dwellings created) – the Roadways (sidewalks, curbing, lighting signage, tree planting, etc.), Stormwater facilities, Water facilities, Sanitary Sewers and Treatment facilities. The Township’s influence on the implementation of the development is exercised by plan review, revision and approval and ultimate development detail control through the Subdivision Agreement process. 

LPAT/OLT decisions:

Q: Why are sump pumps being recommended for each home?
A: All houses are required to include foundation drainage which requires an operable discharge to avoid any basement flooding. The provision of sump pumps ensure a discharge arrangement that precludes back-ups, avoiding basement flooding. With foundation elevations established above average ground water elevations, the sump pumps operate only when water accumulates in the foundation drains from things like storm events or excess lawn or garden watering. The sump pumps will not impact ground water elevations when elevations are established as per approved plans.
Q: Is there enough good ground water in the aquifer to support these developments without impacting existing wells?

A: Expert Hydrogeologists (both those working on behalf of the developers and those employed by the Township) have studied the testing results and concluded there is indeed adequate good ground water resources to provide for the significant demand increase and fully serve these developments while continuing to provide for the existing users. Typically, for a development planned on ground water, the testing duration is in the order of 72 hours (3 days); in this case the Hydrogeologists extended the testing duration to 55 days to gain additional information and increase the confidence of the results and predictions. Prior to actually increasing the water taking the data will be reviewed by the provincial ministry to allow for a permit to be issued.

Q: As development increases more impervious areas, will the increased runoff have a detrimental impact on areas downstream?

A: Modern stormwater management concepts have been employed to minimize any area impacts; stormwater discharge will be controlled using SWM pond techniques to ensure discharge rates do not exceed pre-development discharge rates. The ponds are designed to control sediment discharge and detrimental temperature impacts – all in accordance with oversight approval from the NVCA, the Township and the province through their mandatory review prior to issuance of an “ECA” (Environmental Compliance Approval).

Q: Where is the treated wastewater effluent from the proposed treatment plant being discharged and what will be the impact? 

A: The approved Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for the Wastewater treatment plant supports the effluent discharge to be added to the Bailey Creek Municipal Drain near the location of the Drain’s crossing of Concession 8. The quality of the effluent will be better than that of the natural drain due to the advanced treatment process being proposed for the plant. The quantity will be only a slight fraction of the drains own flow. An assessment of the capacities by Municipal Drain experts is anticipated to conclude that there is no problem associated with the addition of this flow to the drain. 

Q: Why are weekend works approved by the Township at the Colgan development sites?

A: Weekend works are approved when there are significant weather delays and the Developer wishes to make up for lost time and makes a formal request for extended works to the Township. Other requirements deemed to be a necessity for extended work hours and days such as, but not limited to, requirements for storm water management, erosion controls and items localized through inspections by our Engineers or the Developers Engineers that are deemed to require special attention. Further to approval being granted, conditions are imposed as part of the approval as to where the works should focus. There are also discussions between Township staff and our Engineers to justify the requirements of extended works prior to approvals being granted. As weather is also rapidly changing to winter, it is extremely important matters such as storm water controls and elevations are completed.

When approvals for extended works are given, notice is posted to the Townships website along with a requirement the Developer notify residents in the immediate area of the development.