This material is essentially a general overview with regard to the 2022 Municipal Elections for the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio. If you should have any questions, please contact Dianne Gould-Brown, Clerk/Returning Officer at

Who Can Be a Candidate?
  • Candidates must be a resident of the municipality or an owner or tenant of land in the municipality or the spouse of such owner or tenant;
  • a Canadian citizen, and at least 18 years old; and
  • not legally prohibited from voting; and not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office.
Nomination Period
Candidate Nomination Package
Filing for Nomination
  • All prescribed forms must be signed and filed in person by the candidate or filed in person by an agent for the candidate by appointment only, during regular business hours 8:30 am to 4:30 pm between May 2, 2022 to August 18, 2022, excluding holidays, and between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm on August 19, 2022 (Nomination Day). Please contact the Clerk’s office to book an appointment.
  • The filing fee is $200 for office of Mayor and $100 for all other offices. The filing fee is payable by cash, debit, certified cheque or money order. Please note: No person who proposes to be a candidate may solicit or accept contributions for election purposes; or incur expenses, until that person has filed a nomination paper. Candidates are required to show proof of identity and qualifying address at the time the nomination paper is filed.
  • You will need 25 signatures on your Endorsement of Nomination Form
Campaign Period
  • The campaign period will start on May 2, 2022 or the date that a candidate files a nomination for office. It ends on the day the nomination is withdrawn or rejected, or the day the candidate files the required documents after voting day on or before January 3, 2023. No expenses may be incurred, and no contributions may be accepted outside of the campaign period.
Extension of Campaign Period

The campaign period ends January 3, 2023.

  • If any candidate requires an extension to the campaign period, this is the last day for candidates and registered third parties to provide written notice, in the prescribed form, of a deficit and the continuation of their campaign period. S.88.24(2), s.88.28.
  • Note: The Clerk’s department recommends providing written notice at least 10 business days before January 3, 2023 if an extension is required.
Candidate Information Session
Municipal Election Procedures