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​Burn Permits​

​In accordance with the Township's By-law 12-12 a Burn Permit is ​required for all outdoor burning within the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio.  (This includes chimineas, see By-law for complete details)

During dry conditions, there could be a burn ban issued and put in place at any given time, all notifications on burn bans are advertised through local news media and a notice will be placed onto our website.  During excessively windy days or smog warnings, no open air burning is permitted.

Who can obtain a burn permit?

Only residents registered to the property are entitled to obtaining a burn permit.  If the property is rented out to another person, they will require authorization first in writing by the registered property owner.

Guidelines for authorization on obtaining an Open Air Burn Permit​

How do you obtain a burning permit?

Apply for a permit in person only at the main reception area of our Municipality (7855 Sideroad 30, Alliston, ON, Monday through to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)  Identification is required and your signature must be given in order for the permit to be issued.

Note:  Under certain circumstances due to health and travelling restraints, the resident can authorize in writing, another member to visit the Municipal Office during regular business hours to obtain and pay for the burn permit on behalf of the property owner.

Is there a fee?

There is a $2​0.00 annual fee per calendar year to obtain a burn permit.

Procedures for Large Burn Permits?

Per our Burn By-law 12-12, all oversized burn permits first must be inspected and approved by the Fire Department.  To contact the Fire Department for scheduling a inspection at your burn site, call the Fire & Emergency Services Administration Department at (705) 434-5055.​

What will the consequences be for burning without a permit or in contravention of the By-law?

Could result in a fine and/or additional​ costs associated with services rendered.