Adjala-Tosorontio/August 18, 2022 – Councillor Scott Anderson, Councillor Deborah Hall-Chancey, Councillor Annette Bays and Councillor Jonathan Pita have reconsidered the Censure motion accusing Mayor Floyd Pinto of "spreading Lies and Misinformation and violating the code of conduct" for the benefit of the Township and to address all prospective litigation on this issue.  The Censure in its prior form was removed pursuant to an agreement of all the parties, including all council members who voted for or were the subject of the Censure, who have also agreed not to speak of the Censure any further.  All questions regarding legal fees and expenses incurred in this matter are agreed to be confidential but would be subject to any applicable deductibles available to the Township. 

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Nelson Santos
Chief Administrative Officer
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