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​​​​Water and Sewer Information

** A reminder to be careful what you flush **

Water / Sewer Bills

The Township of Adjala-Tosorontio is responsible for water readings, water/sewer billings and collection services.  Billings for water/sewer are issued on a quarterly basis.  The water bills are determined by the cubic meters of consumption of water, as registered by your water meter.

The residential units that are also connected to the municipal sewer system are charged a flat rate per month.

Wastewater Information

Where Does Your Waste Cooking Oil and Grease Go?

One of the hardest operational challenges of a municipality sewage treatment plant is trying to deal with oil, grease and fats that have been disposed of through household plumbing.  This makes the treatment of wastewater much more difficult adding to the operational costs at the sewage treatment plant since grease and oil products do not break down easily and hamper the treatment process.  In fact, oil products are a major contributor in blocked sewage collection mains and sewage backups in home plumbing.  Please help to protect the environment and your wallet by ensuring that waste oil is disposed of properly, and not sent​ down the drain.

Home Sump Pump Discharges

Sewage treatment plants work best on a steady inflow of sewage.  If sump pumps are discharged into the sanitary sewer the additional peak flows alter the processes of the plant and make it very hard to control the quality of treatment.  The additional flow also effects the disposal beds of the sewage plant in the same way as it would a private septic, flooding the bed out with high flows; breakouts on the surface of the bed are possible.  This seriously reduces the lifespan of the bed and adds to the operation and maintenance costs of the system, which ultimately increases sewage rates. Please ensure that your sump pump discharges to the exterior of your home and not into the municipal sanitary sewer system.