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​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Receiving A Sticker On Your Garbage Bin?

Please ensure your garbage can is regulation / recommended size:

CAN SIZE:  77 Litres (17 Gallons)  Maximum weight when full:  20 kg (44 lbs)
(If you are using a larger can, all loose garbage or kitchen catchers must be contained in a regular size green garbage bag inside the large can)

County of Simcoe Customer Service Centre
Monday to Friday - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Local: (705) 735-6901 Toll Free: 1 (800) 263-3199
Email: info@simcoe.ca

More information is available by following this link to the County of Simcoe's webpage.

Are large trucks allowed on any Township road?

The Township has a Reduced Load Restriction in place only from March 1st to April 30th every year, with the exception of Concession Road 3 north from Highway 9 to 2035 Concession Road 3.  The reduced load restriction can be extended if weather and road conditions warrant such an extension.

Can I place leaf and yard waste in with my organics?

​Only small quantities of leaves, clippings, and garden waste (no brush) can go into the organics bin.  Dispose of large amounts of leaf and yard waste separately by dropping it off at Tosorontio Landfill Site #13 at no charge, or by go to the Simcoe County Website​ to review large leaf curbside pickup schedule.

Can I put pet waste in my organics bin?

​No. The facility which composts the organics does not accept pet waste.

Do I need a culvert to put an entrance on my property?

​Everyone who wants to put in a new entrance, second entrance, or change an entrance location, must obtain an entrance permit.  A new steel culvert must be purchased for all entrances.   Installation and dimensions of the culvert are at the discretion of the roads foreman.  Although you may not require a culvert at the present time, upgrades may be done in the future to the road and a culvert would be installed at that time.

Do I need a green reflective sign at the end of my driveway?

​Every resident is assigned a 911 civic address, and most residences have a green reflective sign installed at the end of their driveway to ensure that their address is visible from the road for emergency services.  Some residences, such as in the hamlet and hamlet subdivision areas, are not required to have a green reflective 911 sign, but must post numbers clearly visible from the road on the front of the house.  Detailed information is available at the municipal office.  It is the sole responsibility of the property owner to maintain or replace the 911 emergency sign.  Replacement signs can be purchased through the municipal office.

How Do I Appeal My Market Value Assessment?

​Contact the assessment office at 1-800-461-4230, or visit MPAC for more information.

How Do I Update My Mailing Address?

​To change your address, you need to do it in writing, either by writing a letter or by filling out a Change of Address Form​ online.  You can get a change of address form here at the Township Office or on our website.  We require your signature and the Roll Number of your Property.

I am on a well and my water is discoloured, who do I contact?

​You can test your own water by coming to the Municipal office and obtaining water sample bottles.  The bottles are to be delivered to the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit in Cookstown.  (Instructions are provided with the bottles).  The Township does not maintain information on private wells.  The Health Unit and the Ministry of the Environment have some great information for private well owners on their websites or by giving them a call.

If I am on Municipal water, can I have a well on my property also?

​Some people served by municipal water choose to install a sandpoint on their property for outside irrigation purposes.  Under no circumstances can this water source be connected to your potable water system. Cross connections such as this could cause contamination of the entire municipal water supply. If you choose to install a sandpoint, precautions should be taken to ensure that you do not interfere with underground utilities.  Do not drink the water from the sandpoint unless you are certain that the water is safe to drink, and check with our building department about any permits that may be required for plumbing and electrical work.

Sandpoints must be at least 6 metres deep, and must be located at least 30.5 metres (100 feet) from any septic system or any other source of pollution.

I'm on municipal water, and I received a Boil Water Advisory at my door, what do I do now?

​A Boil Water Advisory may be issued as a result of a repair required on the water system or from an adverse water sample.  As it states on the Notice, this is usually done as a precautionary measure.  Please follow the instructions on boiling your water.  Once we have received clear biological test results for two consecutive days, the Township will advise you that the Advisory has been lifted.

Is there a limit on how much household organics I can place out for collection?

​No.  There is not a limit.  As long as the household organics are in either a paper bag or a clearly labelled organics bin for the contractors to easily identify.  Remember to keep within the 20 kg (44 lb) weight limit per container / bag.

Is there a specific location I must erect my new mailbox?

​Yes.  You must follow the Canada Post Guidelines.  A rural mailbox, depending on the contractors route, is to be located on the side of the road where they can reach it without getting out of the vehicle, but also in such a way as to not hinder traffic or snow removal operations.  The Municipality has the right to require that the mailbox be located in another location if it is felt that the mailbox may impose upon traffic or snow removal operations.  Use a wooden post with a maximum diameter of 15 cm (6"); ideally located at or just behind the shoulder rounding on the edge of the road; the bottom of the box should be 105cm (42") above the roadway.  Further details are available at the municipal office or at the post office.


I want to put in some large trees, where do my water lines run on my property?

​For properties served by municipal water, your water service line usually runs from the curbside at your front property line directly to where the water enters your building.  Service lines are buried approx 1.5 to 1.8 metres deep.  It's always best to have our staff help locate the approximate location of your water service, so give us a call for a locate.

When and where are Council Meetings held?

Regular Council Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month.

Note:  If the Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be held on the Tuesday

The Township of Adjala-Tosorontio Council Chambers
7855 30th Sideroad - East off County Rd 50

Who Do I Call If I Find A Stray Dog?

Please use the new phone numbers listed below:

Call Olympus K9 at (705) 530-1518 or Office at (519) 942-1508
Hours of Operation:
8:30am - 7:00pm (Monday to Friday)
9:00am - 5:00pm (Weekends and Holidays)

What can I use to safely clean my organics bin?

​Avoid using products that contain bleach as they may contaminate the organics and consequently impact compost produced.  Try using baking soda or other bleach-free cleaning products (be sure to rinse well with water).

When do you put Calcium on the roads, and how often?

​Calcium Chloride is placed on all gravel roads annually in the spring after the frost is out of the ground.  Calcium application is timed to follow the spring grading, and is subject to certain weather conditions.  We try to have most of the calcium applied on our roads before the second week of June.

Who replaces a missing street or road sign?

​If the missing sign is on a Township road or street, you can call the office and we will order a new sign for the location.  If you are located on County Roads 1, 5, 12, 13, or 50 you will need to contact the County of Simcoe at 705-735-6901.  If you are on Highway 9 or 89 you can contact the Ministry of Transportation at 1-800-268-4686.  Civic address signs are the responsibility of the property owner, and can be replaced upon purchase of a new sign.

Who do I contact regarding speeding on a Township road?

​The Township posts the speed limit signs, but you will need to contact the O.P.P. regarding any contravention of the Highway Traffic Act.

What should I do if I notice a streetlight out in my area?

​We would appreciate that our residents notify the municipal office of any streetlight deficiency or damage so that we can get them repaired as soon as possible.

Who do I speak to regarding standing water in my ditch?

​You can call the public works department at the Municipal office for any West Nile Virus questions.  Generally, the types of mosquito responsible for spreading West Nile Virus do not lay their eggs in road ditches or natural swamp areas. You may be referred to further contact the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit who maintains all information and conducts testing regarding the West Nile Virus.

Where can I buy Garbage Tags?

​Simcoe County Link: Garbage tags can be used to place out extra bags of garbage for Curbside Collection in all Municipalities. At Garbage Tags Outlets​ you may find a list of vendors in your area.