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​Roads Notices

Help Keep our Roads Clear of Snow and Ice

Some people find it easier to shovel snow onto the roadway, hoping that the snowplow and traffic will get rid of the snow. This can be dangerous however, and the Highway Traffic Act prohibits the depositing of snow on the traveled portion of the road. Under the Highway Traffic Act, charges can be laid. Parking on any municipal road is also prohibited from November 15 to April 15 to permit the proper removal of ice and snow. Vehicles parked on Municipal roads allowances after December 1st in the Winter Control period may be issued parking tickets or removed.  

Please help us to keep our roads clear for the safety of everyone. After all, driving in the winter provides us all with enough challenges.

By-law 04-21

The Snowplow Must Have Hit My Mailbox!

We receive many calls from residents saying that the snowplow has hit their mailbox when in fact, the snowplow when it passed by is a considerable distance away from the mailbox. In most cases, mailboxes can be damaged by snow and ice being thrown by the snowplow as the operator clears the road. Snow must be removed as far back from the road surface as possible. Heavy wet snow and ice can have enough force to damage a mailbox but this is outside of the operator's control and responsibility. You can help minimize damage to your mailbox by ensuring that it is located back from the travelled portion of the road, securely attached to the post and constructed of a durable material. Please remember, it is the responsibility of the owner of the mailbox to ensure that Canada Post has access to the mailbox.

Watch out for that Snowplow

The snow banks created by our snowplows can be very attractive to our children as a source of entertainment, but they can also be very dangerous. Snowplows are difficult to control. Visibility is poor, snow and ice can be thrown with a strong force from the plow wing, and our operators are often pushing back the snow banks to make room for more snow. Please help to ensure that children follow these safety rules:

  • Don't play on or in snow banks along the road at any time
  • Don't run onto the road ahead of or behind the snowplow
  • DO stay well back from the road when a snowplow approaches