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​​​​​​​​​​​​Pr​operty Taxes

​Tax Bills

Tax Bills are issued twice each year.  Each bill has two installment's to be paid on or before the due date shown.

Interim Tax Bills for both Residential/Farm/Managed ​Forest and Commercial/Industrial/Pipelines properties are issued in late February and due the last business day in March & May.

Final Residential/Farm/Managed Fores​t Tax Bills are issued in late June and due the last business day in July & September.

Final Commercial/Industrial/Pipelines Tax Bills are issued in late July and due the last business day in August & October.

Payment Method (Property Taxes & Water/Sewer)
Property owners are encouraged to use one of our various payment options listed below:
  • ​Telephone / internet banking - using roll number as account number​
  • Drop box located at the Township front entrance (Please do not deposit cash)
  • Pre-authorized payment plan - installment due date / 10 monthly payments
  • Mailing a cheque payment (post-dated cheques are acceptable) allowing sufficient mailing time to reach our office on/before the due date
Late Payment Charges
A penalty charge of 1.25% of unpaid taxes will be added on the first business day following the due date and on the first of each month thereafter until paid.

Current Value Assessment
The assessment used to calculate your property taxes is determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).  MPAC is the organization that classifies and assesses all properties in Ontario under the Assessment Act, and regulations established by the Provincial Government. From the information supplied by MPAC, the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio calculates the tax amounts due on an individual property and issues a tax bill.  For more information on your assessment contact the MPAC office​ at: 1-866-296-6722, or online at:  www.mpac.ca

Learn more about how MPAC assesses your property by watching the youtube video, "How MPAC Assesses Property" listed below:

MPAC Assessment Video

Calculation of Taxes
Current Value Assessment x Total Tax Rate (as per property class) = Total Property Taxes

Total Billed = Total Property Taxes plus the Ontario Provincial Police Charge (OPP)


​Residential 0​.002670
​Commercial Vacant & Commerical Excess
​Industrial Vacant & Industrial Excess
Industrial On Farm Business

​Managed Forest​0.000668
Supplementary Taxes and Buying a Newly Constructed Building
For newly constructed homes or buildings, the property taxes may have not yet been assessed by MPAC in full even though the homes have been completed.  If the building portion has yet to be determined, you will only be paying taxes on the value of the land.

Due to the volume of buildings to be assessed by MPAC, this may not happen in the current year. Any taxes owing on the building will be retro-active to the date of occupancy.  Once this process is completed, the land and building taxes will be combined and levied accordingly.

Applications under Section 357/358 of the Municipal Act (Adjustment of taxes)
Section 357 or Section 358 provides municipalities with the authority to cancel, reduce or refund taxes based on specific criteria.  Applications may be made for a refund of taxes under the following reasons:

  • Ceases to be liable to be taxes at current tax rate

  • Became exempt

  • Razed by fire, demolition

  • Mobile unit removed

  • Repairs/renovations preventing normal use for a minimum period of 3 months

  • Gross or manifest clerical error

Applications are available for residents on this website or at the tax counter at the Municipal office.  Applications are subject to council approval and the application must be filed before February 28 of the year following the property tax year for which the application is made.

While the primary goal of the Current Value Assessment & Taxation System is fairness, since 1997 much energy has been applied by the Province to mitigate excessive increases generated by the transition to full CVA Taxation.

Tax protection measures, prescribed in Ontario Regulation 73/03 of the Municipal Act, 2001 as amended, include the mandatory capping of tax increases for commercial and industrial properties.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plans
Never miss a payment.  Avoid interest or service charges.

Authorization Form
The Township of Adjala-Tosorontio offers pre-authorized payment plans to its property owners to provide the option of a worry-free way of paying your property taxes.

The Letter of Authorization and Pre-Authorized Forms can be downloaded from
Taxation Applications & Forms, see above under left hand side of this page.

Resolving Assessment Concerns
​Accurate assessed values are the cornerstone of the property tax system.  The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) assesses over 4.4 million properties in Ontario.

You must ask yourself if you could sell your property for its assessed value.  If your answer is "yes" your assessed value is accurate.

If your answer is "no" you can:
  1. Ask MPAC to review your property's assessed value
  2. File a Request for Reconsideration with the Assessment Review Board.

    You may also contact MPAC offices at (705) 728-3572 or 1-866-296-6722, www.mpac.ca​

    Learn more about your property assessment:  https://www.aboutmyproperty.ca/