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​​The Building Department administers and enforces regulations from the Building Code Act, Ontario Building Code, Building By-Law, and Swimming Pool Fence By-Law           



The new 2012 Ontario Building Code came into force January 1, 2014.  There are over 700 technical changes that took effect from that within the 2006 Ontario Building Code.

The changes are designed to better protect property and health, including structural design and fire protection. It provides increased environmental focus, by putting in place measures that reduce greenhouse gases, protect air, water and soil quality, and conserve energy.  It also features new standards for residential wastewater treatment, on-site sewage dispersal beds, as well as changes to technical, maintenance, and monitoring requirements for sewage systems. An Overview of the Changes has been prepared by the Ontario Building Officials Association for information purposes only.

Further information on these changes could be obtained on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing website, or by contacting the Chief Building Official.

A building permit is formal approval from your municipality to construct, add to, or renovate a building on your property.  Building permits allow a municipality to protect the interests of both individuals and the community as a whole.  By reviewing and approving plans before any work is done, the municipality can ensure that buildings comply with the Ontario Building Code (which sets minimum standards for design and materials), the local Zoning By-law which controls building location, height, and uses that are suitable to the area), and Applicable Law.

The following is a list of typical projects that require a permit:

  • Any new structure over 10m² (107 ft²)
  • Any addition to a structure, regardless of the size of the addition
  • Interior alterations for non-residential units
  • Interior alterations for residential units if: a bedroom is created; a garage is converted to living space; a seasonal room converted to a year round use; an apartment unit is being created
  • Building a new fireplace or installing a woodstove
  • Any structural changes or repairs
  • A new entrance or a new window opening
  • A deck 2ft or higher above adjacent surfaces
  • Constructing a roof over an existing deck
  • Adding new dormers
  • Enclosing a porch
  • A Change of Use to a building or part of a building
  • Signs installed on an exterior building face or roof
  • Free standing signs
  • Any installation or alteration of a plumbing system (water supply, drain, waste or vent).  Including alterations to install a water softener
  • Converting from a septic system to City sewer or water
The following is a list of the types of permit applications:​
  • Construction permits
  • Demolition permits
  • Sign permits
  • Sewage System permits
  • Pool enclosure permits

  • A complete Building Permit Application shall consist of completed Application form, all applicable law approvals including Zoning/Site Plan approval​
  • No person can construct or demolish a building without first obtaining a permit from the Chief Building Official
  • Permit Application and Authorization Form​  are available at the Building Department window, 7855 Side Road 30, Alliston, ON, or by linking on the application form above
  • Structures less than 10 m² (107 ft² ) do not require a permit, however, they are still required to conform with Zoning By-laws for setbacks and lot coverage
  • Fees are assessed according to the type of building and its size.  See Building By-law section for applicable fees
  • Additional fees for Adjala-Tosorontio Development Charges, County of Simcoe Development Charges​ & Public Educational Development Charges and/or Sep​arate Educational Development Charges may apply
  • Projects that increase the assessed value of the property will increase taxes
  • Constructing a building without a permit may be subject to penalties including fines and removal