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​​​Public Notices

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​May 10, 2017Notice of Adoption of 2017 Budget
​May 10, 2017

Notice of rescheduling of June Regular Meeting of Council

The June 12, 2017 Regular Meeting of Council has been rescheduled to June 7, 2017 starting at 6:30 p.m. within the Council Chambers at the Municipal Office.

Deadline for items to be submitted for Council consideration has been changed to May 30, 2017 at 12:00 noon for this meeting only.

Fur further information on making a deputation or presentation to Council, please visit Council Meetings.

​May 9, 2017TAKE NOTICE that the second installment of the 2017 Interim Tax Bill is due on Wednesday May 31st, 2017. Payment must be received by the due date. Penalty of 1.25% will apply on the first business day following the due date. Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a ratepayer from paying their taxes. For convenient payment options, follow this link here. 

Janet Sherwood, Treasurer
Township of Adjala-Tosorontio
7855 Sideroad 30
Alliston, ON L9R 1V1
Tel: 705-434-5055

​May 5, 2017

​Sign Installations

Please note, when posting small temporary signage on roadsides for events, advertising or information that signs installations are required to be back off the road allowance on private property. Some resident are unaware of the Municipal road allowance and believe that their property extends right to the edge of the road to where they are maintaining their lawns or driveways. The road allowance is approximately 10 meters from the centerline of the road or at the point where fence lines, bell boxes and hydro poles are located. Signs that are installed within the road allowance are in contravention of Road By-law 12-31 and will be removed by Township Staff so they do not interfere with Township maintenance activities.
Larger permanent signs even though on private property may still require Township permits.

​May 2, 2017

​Notice to Residents

Coffee with Council - Community Based Strategic Plan Update

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Municipal Office - Public Room

7855 Sideroad 30

Alliston, ON

Come and chat with Council regarding the progress made to date on the Community Based Strategic Plan in a relaxing format.

​May 1, 2017

​"Proud to show my Support" Canada 150th Birthday Contest

Show your support and you could win the reimbursement of your Canadian or Canada 150 Flag

Entry Form


Payment for Water/Sewer Invoices for the period of January, February and March 2017 will be due on APRIL 28, 2017.  Payment must be received by the due date.  Penalty of 5% will be added on the first day of default. If you are connected to municipal water and/or sewer and have not received your bill, please contact the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio at (705) 434-5055.

​April 13, 2017

Public Notice:  Adjala-Tosorontio's Official Plan Open House!!

May 3, 2017 from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Municipal Centre

7855 Sideroad 30 Adjala

New policy options will be presented for your consideration. If you wish to participate in our workshop, the Adj-Tos Café will be open from 6:30pm to 7:00 pm.

​If you would like a sneak peek at some of the information that will be presented at the Open House, please go to

​March 24, 2017

​Notice of Project Reclassification for Hwy 9, Gore Road, Concession Road 3 Improvements:

The "Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment Study - Highway 9/Peel Road 8 (The Gore Road)/Concession Road 3 Intersection Improvements" project has been reclassified as a Group "C" project. For more information and for directions on how to provide comments, see below.

Notice of Project Reclassification for Hwy 9, Gore Road, Concession Road 3 Improvements

​March 23, 2017

Notice to Township of Adjala-Tosorontio Ratepayers

TAKE NOTICE that the first instalment of the Interim Tax Bill is due Friday March 31, 2017. Payment must be received by the due date. Penalty of 1.25% per month or portion thereof will apply on the first business day following the due date. Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a ratepayer from paying their taxes. For convenient payment options, please follow this link for further information.

Janet Sherwood, Treasurer
Township of Adjala-Tosorontio
7855 Sideroad 30
Alliston, Ontario, L9R 1V1
Tel: 705-434-5055

​March 20, 2017

​Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

Applications for the 2017 Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence are now being accepted until April 28, 2017.

Details on eligibility, innovation categories, assessment criteria, the application and selection processes can be found at:

For additional information, please contact the Agricultural Information Contact Centre at 1-877-424-1300 or

​February 24, 2017

Lace-Up Against Youth Homelessness Hockey Games.

Follow this link for more information

​October 14, 2016Council Open House - Community Based Strategic Plan
​October 12, 2016Development Charge - October 1, 2016 Indexing Information Pamphlet
​September 19, 2016Notice of passing Municipal-Wide Development Charge By-law
​September 14, 2016

Request for Proposal Notice:


Provision of Canine Control Services/By-law Enforcement

The Township is inviting proposals for the provision of Canine Control Services with related By-law enforcement.

A Request for Proposals package is available in person at the front desk of the Municipal Office at 7855 Sideroad 30, or by downloading the package here Request for Proposals Canine Control/By-law Enforcement Services.

The Township reserves the right to amend, reject, or refuse any proposal submitted.

Sealed Proposals will be received by the undersigned no later than 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 29, 2016. 

Dan Fagan
Chief Building Official
The Corporation of the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio
7855 Sideroad 30
Alliston, ON
L9R 1V1
T: (705)434-5055 ext. 240
F: (705)434-5051

​September 14, 2016​Take Notice: Development Charge By-law 16-35
​August 2, 2016
Simcoe County Age - Friendly Community Planning Project Seeks Input - For more information see
​July 13, 2016

Notice of Public Meeting: Pursuant to Section 12 of the Development Charges Act, 1997

2016 Adjala-Tosorontio DC Background Study

Development Charge By-law 16-35

​May 10, 2016

​Council at their June 13, 2016 regular meeting of Council will be considering a by-law to govern the proceedings of Council and its Committees in the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio.

Procedure By-law Final Draft

​May 9, 2016

​Beware of Roadside Vendors Selling Burn Permits

Be advised that Township staff do not approach residents at their property to sell Burn Permits. We do not accept credit cards payments, and we do not swipe credit cards with a credit card reader. If someone approaches you in this regard, ask for identification, take down information such as a vehicle licence plate number, and contact the O.P.P. immediately. Burn Permits can only be obtained at the Municipal Office.

​April 26, 2016Residents Notice: In future, all planning notices will be posted under a new link on the Adjala-Tosorontio Municipal Website. Follow this link for quick access to planning documentation.
​April 11, 2016Residents Notice: Did you receive a Property Assessment Notice from MPAC?
​April 6, 2016

Residents Reminder Regarding Outdoor Burning

All outdoor burning requires a valid burn permit and must abide by Adjala-Tosorontio's By-law 12-12 "Fire Control By-law".

Any burn pile larger than 36 square feet or more than 4 feet in height must be inspected and approved by the Fire Department prior to ignition.

Required distances from dwellings, structures, hedges, trees, fences, vehicular, roadways and overhead wires are specified in the By-law.

Residents are responsible for any damages incurred.

Also keep in mind that large piles of wood chips can be a source of heat and have been known to spontaneously combust.

Any requests for large burn inspections, please contact Fire Administration at 705-434-5055 ext. 250.

​April 1, 2016

Reminder Notice to Residents of Adjala-Tosorontio: The County of Simcoe offers waste & recycling service alerts each week to all residents of Simcoe County by signing up to receive a reminder notice via: email, phone, twitter, outlook, print a calendar & service alerts

Follow this link here to setup a service alert for your Waste & Recycling!

(Complete steps 1 to 4 - enter in your address, confirm your address, select "Get a Reminder" tab, select your preferred notification option; email, phone, etc.)

Any further questions, please contact Customer Service Centre at 705-735-6901.

​February 17, 2016

Public Notice:  Everett Wastewater Treatment Plant and Surface Water Outfall

​February 17, 2016​Correction Notice:  Everett Secondary Plan Master Servicing Plan
​February 17, 2016Correction Notice: Colgan Master Servicing Plan
​January 28, 2016

Public Notice:  Everett EA Addendum

Notice of Completion Everett EA Addendum Final
Notice of Completion - Everett EA Addendum
Appendix A - MSP Notice of Completion and Preferred Option
Appendix B - Clearford Brochure

​January 14, 2016

Public Notice: Township of Adjala-Tosorontio Community of Colgan Master Servicing Plan Amendment Schedule "B" Class Environmental Assessment - Summary Report, Notice of Completion.

​July 21, 2015

The Township of Adjala-Tosorontio now has Hearing Assistive Devices available.  Upon attending a meeting in the Council Chambers, if you require a receiver, please speak to staff and a receiver will be supplied to you.

For further information please contact the Clerk’s Department at 705-434-5055 or

​March 31 2015
Notice to Residents:  Please be aware of companies offering FREE fill to property owners in the Township.  This fill may not meet the criteria of the Township's By-Law 14-08.

If you are contemplating taking advantage of this FREE fill please review the Fill By-law available on the Township website for clarification before acceptance of any material to make sure that it meets the By-Law criteria for a fill permit that would be issued by the Township.  Acceptance of this fill could result in costly removal fees if you are placing fill that does not meet our standards or if it is placed in Conservation Authority regulated areas.   

If you have any further questions please contact the Public Works department at 705-434-5055 before accepting any fill.

​February 17 2015

Meetings Held at the Municipal Office

From time to time, meetings may be held in the Public Room of the Municipal Office by specific groups which do not represent the Municipality.  Residents should be aware that these meetings should not be considered to be in consultation with or endorsed by the Township. If you have any questions regarding these meetings, please contact the Municipal Office for further information.

​September 11 2014​Notice of Study Commencement - Everett Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)Surface Water Outfall, Follow this link to read notice
​September 11 2014​Notice of Study Addendum - Colgan Master Servicing Plan, Follow this link to read notice
​September 11 2014

Notice of Completion - Everett Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Surface Water Outfall Schedule "C" Class Environmental Assessment - Environmental Study Report, Follow this link to read more about this public notice

Everett WWTP - Environment Study Report - Final Report, Follow this link to upload study report

Everett WWTP - Environment Study Appendices:

​January 2013

Everett Master Servicing Plan

Volume 1 - Master Servicing Summary Report

Volume 2 - Background Studies

Volume 3 - Master Servicing Studies Part 1 _ 2

Volume 3 - Master Servicing Studies Part 3 _ 4

​July 2014 - Savings By DesignThe Township of Adjala-Tosorontio has been a leader in promoting recycling and reducing the amount of waste we produce, and now wants to assist residents and businesses in going green in other areas as well. The following links provide items to consider when local properties are being built or renovated, to encourage the wise use of resources and the design of structures that are constructed to a higher standard of energy efficiency than the Ontario Building Code requires.